Natural Salt Lamps

Natural Salt Lamps

These are normally a big Rock Salt Chunks with Wooden base and Electric Bulb Fit inside. Natural salt lamps Comes in different weights from 2 kg to 80 kg Depends on Customer requirements. These Salt lamps and Manufacture by skillful Craftsmen in our facility. KMS-Pakistan have 2 Production Units one at Mine region in QUIADABAD and other in Heart City of Pakistan “Lahore” .

Beside other Salt Lamps Most customer from US & Europe demand High Grade Natural Lamps with seasoned wooden base and wax polish on.

We have our own manufacturing for Salt lamps wooden bases and we use Shesham sun dried seasoned wood for making high quality bases. As explained earlier these lamps are manufacture from Himalayan Salt So we cannot guarantee same color formation of rocks as these are natural product come in different shades/colors.

Our Rock Salt come from PMDC (Pakistan Mineral Development Authority) and all Rock are well selective and handpicked by our Production Controller before getting into production.
These Natural Salt lamps have many health related benefits like improve breathing problems related to lungs, stress releasing, air purifier, and even improve concentration ability during exercise or Yoga practices.

Even most of the mentioned health benefits can be confirmed by scientific researches and doctors.

Please visit our Factory Tour page to have a look how KMS-Pakistan manufacture Natural Salt lamps and feel free to contact us for your requirements or even questions related to our products. KMS-Pakistan, KMS-Pakistan, KMS-Pakistan SALT LAMPS, NATURAL ROCK SALT KMS-Pakistan