Who We Are?

KMS Pakistan

is a Himalayan salt manufacturing company formed in 2003. We are one of the leading Himalayan salt manufacturer and exporter in the Pakistan. We have excelled in the field of manufacturing and refining salt and Crafted salt Lamps types. It’s been a long journey of serving the needs of our customers along with maintaining a high class quality management portfolio. We are now a symbol of success and triumph in our flied for others.

We not only sell salt, but we also create an extensive range of different objects from Himalayan salt like lamps, stones, tiles, bricks and many other products. Our products depict who we are. Our expert designers design various products taking into account their creative skills.

KMS-Pakistan have been exporting salt and salt products to The number of countries and we feel proud to mention that we have thousands of satisfied customers around the globe. Our major partner countries include USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many countries in Europe. We excel in quality and commitment to extreme excellence. We Strive to deliver top quality products and excellent customer services to our every single customer irrespective of their geographic presence.

Success Story

The company KMS-Pakistan came into existence in 2003. Mr. KMS-Pakistan Founder and currently the CEO of the KMS-Pakistan headquartered the company in Lahore. His two sons, Danish Maqbool and Haider Maqbool joined the Company as his partners.

In its early Days, The Company faced many obstacles and hurdles in its proceedings. Although it is not easy to start a whole new business on such a large Scale right away, the company in its very first year faced many threats from its competitors.

The competitors who were determined to shut down KMS-Pakistan as they had seen the potential in this company. But the Chief KMS-Pakistan, Managing partner Danish Maqbool and Factory Head Haider Maqbool managed to take their newly launched ship out of the storms.

KMS-Pakistan has led the company with extreme enthusiasm and passion to stand out as a symbol of success for others to see. He has been a great leader, a superior chief and a trust worthy friend for all his subordinates. His devotion and charismatic vision has turned KMS-Pakistan into one of the leading specialty salt exporters in the world.

Our Team

KMS-Pakistan is dedicated to excellence and quality products that’s why at KMS-Pakistan, we have hired a team of people who are outstanding in their fields. We have a learning culture where our dedicated team is in the process of continuous learning and improving. We have individuals with extensive skills, top quality education and relevant expertise to make us what we are.

Every member of our team is fully dedicated to support our Customers. Whether they are part of our fairly paid labor force, administration, sales team, finance or a part of our excellent customer service group we work together with a directional , and that makes us a winning team of delivering the best quality products, at the best prices from an easy to work with company who cares.

Chief: Mr. Khalid Maqbool
Managing & Marketing Partner: Danish Maqbool
Factory & Administration Head: Haider Maqbool


To provide paramount Himalayan salt products in every corner of the world with utmost goodwill.


We promise to deliver excellence, brilliance and reliability packed with extra care at your doorstep.

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