What to Bring to a Job Interview In Person or Virtual

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Since you’ve left the military, you have already had some civilian experience, but maybe it’s time for a change in your education or career path. Even the days where employers use algorithm software to sort resumes before they ever get into a human’s hands, many job… You don’t need to bring the entire container of mints; just put a couple inside your pocket. When you walk into the lobby of the building for the interview, pop them into your mouth.

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In fact, it’s common to become https://astroloungebend.com/?p=83421 so frazzled that you forget what to bring to an interview. It also shows that they are interested in the job and passionate about working in this role. Taking notes during interviews often leads to candidates asking their interviewers thoughtful, relevant questions. They may already have a few questions prepared in advance that have been jotted down in that notebook. A big part of interview success means taking notes during the interview. Consider bringing a pencil, too, as a backup to your pens.

  • You can memorize your score or write them down on a sticky note near your computer.
  • Be prepared for your interview and act like you have to prove yourself to get the job, even if you know you’re a shoo-in.
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Nursing interviews can be intense, and it is important to show that you are engaged in the conversation. Ideally, you’ll want to keep your belongings in a portfolio, folder, or document holder. Don’t bring a large bag, full backpack, or large purse of any kind. While it’s not recommended, it is still okay to bring a small backpack or purse into an interview. A reference should be someone you’ve worked with in a professional capacity, such as a former manager or senior colleague. If you have a limited work history, a valued college professor can be a good option.

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Eye contact creates a relationship between you and the person you are talking to. In the Western World, it is seen as a sign of self-confidence, strength and intelligence. Try to look your interviewer in the eye when they are talking to you and maintain eye contact when it’s your turn to talk. Staring at your shoes or looking at the clock on the wall will make you look like a nervous, anxious person who might not be the first choice for the job. You won’t be doing yourself a favour if you’re being rude to the secretary.


Put your phone on airplane mode and head to a quiet room. Find a babysitter for your kids in order to avoid surprise interruptions. Make sure your internet connection works properly and, if necessary, find a cyber with a private room. If you don’t trust your wifi connection, use a LAN cable and always have your device fully charged.

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